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Our Ninja Warrior kid’s classes are all about being safe and having tons of fun doing awesome Ninja moves!  Our classes are broken up into two different age groups: 6-10 years old & 10-14 years old. Skyhook offers a variety of different obstacles for kids of all ages and skill levels.  All of our classes are specifically designed to help kids learn the importance of proper form and technique while doing fun and exciting things like jumping, climbing, swinging, rolling, etc.  We want your kids to have fun while being active!  In addition, obstacles can be a metaphor for overcoming challenges in life as well as physically overcoming challenges in the gym.  We in the importance of being physically active while it is equally important to learn patience and the mental fortitude necessary to conquer obstacles in and out of the gym!

“Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body.”  – Lynn Jennings


  • Our classes are led by professionally trained, certified & background checked instructors.
  • We begin all of our classes with safety/rules and proper warm-up.
  • We don’t treat every child the same. We understand that everyone comes into our classes with different ability levels and skill sets. Our coaches will make sure all kids feel included and additional help will be given, if needed.
  • Prior to class beginning our instructors will customize a Ninja course for proper skills development.
  • All of our classes end with “positivity circle” where we engage the students by asking them “What was the most challenging part of class” “What is something you are proud of yourself for completing and what is something you’re proud of someone else for doing”
  • All of our classes end by engaging the students by asking them, “what was your favorite part of class?” While cooling down with proper stretches.

Waivers must be filled out online prior to attending class. If under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by the parent/legal guardian.


Kids will learn how to safely complete obstacles.  All ability levels are welcome, you do not need prior experience to participate – that’s what we’re here for!  We want to have tons of fun while learning how to overcome obstacles, while channeling their inner Ninja.  Our coaches will help students gradually develop mental and fundamental skills for proper Ninja training.



Regardless of skill and ability, our coaches will always adapt to your child’s needs. Skyhook Ninja coaches will focus on building a foundation of strength and movement.  Students will be practicing and honing their Ninja skills on more advance obstacles.



Kids will be interacting with kids of all ages and skill level.  Courses will be set up with different skill sets in mind, each child will be challenged based on their own skill level.  This is also an opportunity for your child to continue to build on overcoming obstacles and building on fluid and powerful movements.



Personal training for kids is all about structured, physical activity to build the foundation for a healthy life while MAKING FITNESS FUN!  Physical activity is an essential component of every child’s healthy development. Skyhook focuses on the child and developing a fun and exciting fitness program.  Fitness helps kids build essential fitness skills such as strength, power, agility and well as basic movement and motor skills such as hand eye coordination.  Our Skyhook coaches are here to help improve your child’s overall fitness level by inspired Ninja warrior training which can include balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, posture and endurance training.

For more information on private training please call us at 503-352-9608 or email us at