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Regardless of your fitness level, we have fun and exciting obstacles and movements for you to work on, whether it’s your first time in a gym or you are a seasoned veteran. Skyhook Ninja Fitness is unique because every obstacle can be moved, replaced or adjusted.  As a Skyhook Ninja you can expect new obstacles every month and new challenges every time you show up. American Ninja Warrior training is not only about understanding and learning the physical nature of the sport, it’s also about mastering the mental challenges that come with it.  Skyhook’s team will help you reach new heights!


If you are looking to get started on your fun, functional, ninja fitness journey, this class is for you! This level one and two class is for people who are new to Ninja Warrior and just starting their fitness journey. Focus is on technique and safety, basic foundations of strength, coordination and agility. You will get a great workout and begin to learn the technique that will help you become a Ninja Warrior!

This class can be attended by anyone on their first visit to skyhook. Level One and Two ninjas will sometimes work together and sometimes be split to work on skills that are appropriate for their level. Click here to learn more about our curriculum! Click HERE



If you have been coming to Skyhook and been placed into level three or four, this is the class for you! At this level, we are starting to work more on the hanging obstacles from the show, while expanding on the functional agility and basics you have learned up to this point. You can expect to get a fantastic workout while learning new techniques that will help get you ready for the show or your local Ninja competitions!

This class can be attended only by those ninjas who have been placed into Level Three and Four at one of our level testings, or by those who have received prior coach permission. Curious to learn more about our awesome curriculum? Click HERE



Looking to experience the workout and training actual Ninjas from the show regularly undergo at Skyhook? This is the class for you! In class focus is on advanced techniques that are needed for the higher difficulty obstacles you will see on the show, high intensity training that will prepare you for the rigors of the show, and most importantly, actual full courses to help you gain the grip strength and mental endurance to crush the courses on the show!

This class requires placement in level Four or above, or prior coach approval. This class is typically attended by people who have been on the show, are looking to go on the show or have been training at Skyhook for 6 months to a year. If you are a ninja visiting from out of town looking to train for the show, typically you can gain admittance to this class by arriving fifteen minutes early and speaking to the coach. Curious about our curriculum and what it takes to become a level Four ninja? Click HERE to learn more!



Open gym creates a unique opportunity to train and perfect skills or to simply just have fun! Enjoy full access to our 12,000 sq ft facility and all that it has to offer. Climbing, Gymnastics, Trampolines, Weight lifting, Cardio, Parkour, and OF COURSE, Ninja warrior obstacles are yours to explore! Get all of your fun and training under one roof!



Are you sad you never did gymnastics growing up? Do you wish that you could learn how to do a backflip or other flips and not get hurt? This class was made for you! Adults and teens have the unique opportunity that Skyhook provides with their nationally ranked Trampoline and Tumbling Program. This class is a student led journey towards the experience the student is looking to get out of tumbling. No matter your level, our small class size and fantastic experienced coaches will get you the skills you are looking for, while getting a great workout.

This class can be attended by anyone and everyone, in the age range of 14+. No prior gymnastics experience necessary! Want to learn more about our Trampoline and Tumbling program? Click Here.



This Bodyweight intensive class will leave you feeling strong, accomplished and sweaty by incorporating Ninja Warrior functional high intensity training, with a boxing and cardio-boxing experience. This class is a full body workout!
All levels are welcome.



If your kids have been bugging you to take a class in that “parkour stuff” that they see on YouTube or in the movies, then this is the class for THEM AND YOU! Parkour is natural, effective movement. Parkour is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. Learn Parkour fundamentals from World freerunning and Parkour Federation certified coaches, in a SAFE environment.

So many Parkour gyms believe that training Parkour should be done in a hard environment with few, if any pads. While it’s true proper coaching will keep students safe, our philosophy is that Parkour gyms should be, before anything else, as safe as possible! That means the highest quality of coaching and staff, and that means the best and most padded equipment. Don’t be scared every time your kids, you, go to practice. Here at Skyhook, you are in good hands.

This class can be attended by anyone and everyone, in the age range of 6 and above. No prior Parkour experience necessary! Want to learn more about our Parkour program? Click Here.



Are you looking to get practice and learn more parkour skills? Do you want to train with a coach who has been on American Ninja Warrior? Look no further, this is the class for you! Coach Vu is a fantastic Parkour Athlete and Ninja, who understands as only a competitor on the show can, how Parkour helps those who want to go on the show. Make no mistake that while this is a parkour class, any questions you might have about how Parkour applies to Ninja warrior can be answered by Coach Vu!

This class can be attended by anyone and everyone, in the age range of 14+. No prior Parkour experience necessary! Want to learn more about our Parkour program?  Click Here.



Aerobic sword based fitness class that incorporates sword combat movements paired with stage combat and choreography. While this class is a blast, it is definitely a class, and students can expect to learn real sword techniques, as well as have fun with VERY real-to-life “Blades of light”.
All ages welcome! There is a limited number of real sabers, so make sure to sign up in advance. May the Force be with you!



This is a beginner level bouldering class that will teach you the safety concepts, develop basic climbing foot, hand, and body positioning, fundamentals of bouldering, and advanced body movement to get you to the top of your climbs. Additional areas of focus are dynamic and powerful movement techniques. You can expect to get a phenomenal workout and to learn the small details that will help you be a better climber, that would take years if you tried to learn them on your own!

This class is open for everyone age 16+, younger athletes only with coach permission. No prior climbing experience required!