going beyond everyone's expectations

going beyond everyone's expectations

Parties at Skyhook are far from ordinary. We strive to give a party experience that will blow you and all your guests away. 

You  get a dedicated party room with tables and plentiful seating.

You will always have at least two dedicated coaches for your party, who are either certified personal trainers, or certified Parkour coaches. 


Party Packages

Our pricing is awesome

VIP Elite
$ 25-30
per person
  • we can host 30 to 100+ people
  • Two hour event
  • Whether you are looking for team building for your business, your sport, or for a fundraiser, we will customize our event to fit your needs!
  • Training camps for sports teams: We will work with your coaches to run through a fun team building event that will be a great workout for your athletes physically and mentally. We will work with the coaches to develop the best experience for your sport and for your team!
  • Call now to book!



12008 SW Garden Place, Tigard, OR, 97223