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Welcome to Skyhook: Portland’s premier American Ninja Warrior style facility

Bringing the Ninja scene to Portland The debut of American Ninja Warrior in 2009 not only took the world of network television by storm, it sparked a lifestyle fitness phenomenon, and now Portland, Oregon is joining in on the fun. Skyhook Ninja Fitness is a brand new training facility with the goal of providing inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest with all of the tools they need in order to train like the athletes on the show. Our facility features a wide array of obstacle challenges, from American Ninja Warrior classics such as the salmon ladder and warped wall, to numerous grip and balance challenges, and even a few unique creations of our own! We are the largest Ninja Warrior training facility in the Pacific Northwest, with 12,000 sq feet dedicated to swinging, climbing, flips and tricks, and general fitness. In addition to our custom-made obstacles our space features full-size trampolines, springboard floors, and a bouldering wall. Come in for one of our classes or find your own challenges in open gym! Why obstacle fitness?  Obstacle course training is a fun, functional way to get both your body and your mind in on your workout. It’s not just about staying fit, it’s about fortitude, creativity, and the rush of overcoming challenges. New to ninja fitness? Not a problem! Skyhook is proud to serve Ninja Warriors of all skill levels, whether it’s providing you with the basic stepping stones to start tackling your first obstacles, or helping seasoned athletes discover new techniques and trials. So come check us out, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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